Module: google.generativeai.types

A collection of type definitions used throughout the library.


class AuthorError: Raised by the chat (or reply) functions when the author list can't be normalized.

class BlockedReason: A list of reasons why content may have been blocked.

class ChatResponse: A chat response from the model.

class CitationMetadataDict: A collection of source attributions for a piece of content.

class CitationSourceDict: A citation to a source for a portion of a specific response.

class Completion: The result returned by generativeai.generate_text.

class ContentFilterDict: Content filtering metadata associated with processing a single request.

class ExampleDict: A dict representation of a glm.Example.

class HarmBlockThreshold: Block at and beyond a specified harm probability.

class HarmCategory: The category of a rating.

class HarmProbability: The probability that a piece of content is harmful.

class MessageDict: A dict representation of a glm.Message.

class MessagePromptDict: A dict representation of a glm.MessagePrompt.

class Model: A dataclass representation of a glm.Model.

class ResponseDict: A dict representation of a glm.GenerateMessageResponse.

class SafetyFeedbackDict: Safety feedback for an entire request.

class SafetyRatingDict: Safety rating for a piece of content.

class SafetySettingDict: Safety setting, affecting the safety-blocking behavior.

class TunedModel: A dataclass representation of a glm.TunedModel.

class TunedModelState: The state of the tuned model.

Type Aliases