Large Language Models (LLMs) are a powerful, versatile type of machine learning model that enables computers to comprehend and generate natural language better than ever. They can be used to build all sorts of applications, from chat bots to virtual assistants to translation apps and much more. Plus, you don't have to be an AI expert or even write code to use them. All it takes are a few sentences or “prompts” to get started designing your own custom LLM app.

Getting started

Read the LLM primer to learn about LLM core concepts, like prompting.
Read the prompt guidelines to improve your results through prompt design.
MakerSuite is a visual tool for testing out and prototyping with LLMs straight from the browser. It's the best place to get started.
Get an API key in MakerSuite, then try one of the PaLM API quickstarts using Google Colab.
  • To learn more about the models that power the PaLM API, see the models section.
  • To learn how to use LLMs safely and responsibly, see the safety settings and safety guidance documentation.