Public preview FAQ

The PaLM API is currently in public preview. This guide covers frequently asked questions.

What does it mean for the PaLM API to be in “public preview”?

Generative AI is a breakthrough technology with the potential to significantly impact how services are built. It’s important we get this right and learn with our users. During public preview, developers can use the PaLM API for experimentation and internal prototyping at no cost, but usage is rate-limited and production applications are not permitted.

How do I join the public preview?

You can sign up for the public preview by joining the waitlist in MakerSuite.

How long will the preview period last?

Our current estimate is that the preview period will end in H2 2023.

What is the pricing for the PaLM API?

During the preview period, developers can try the PaLM API at no cost. Pricing will be announced closer to general availability.

Where is the public preview available?

The PaLM API public preview is currently available only in the United States. We're working to open access to other regions soon.